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Features Of our BulkSMS

We believe in Flexibility, Reliabilty as well as Affordable and Flexible Price



Heavy Redundancy, High Throughput, 160 Characters per SMS.



Competitive Pricing for SMS.



Instant Delivery, SMS Signalling, Automatic Resend Queue, 48 hours default Validity, SMS Delivery Report.



Customizable Sender ID, Easy Platform access options, Schedule SMS, SMPP Connection, API Functionality etc.

Our Service

We are here to save your Money, Time and increase your Business

Scope of our SMS Services

  • Job Notification
  • General Info (Office Address, Service Details)
  • Specific Information (Training/Cultural Program)
  • Notice / Greeting (Official / Occasional for target people)
  • Reminder for Due Payment / Due Inquiry
  • Events: Voting, Quiz contest (From on different programs of various media like TV/Radio/Newspaper)
  • Event Notification (Meeting ,Program ,others, Training)

Benefits SMS Services

  • Now sms is a very effective way of direct communication.
  • People always check their SMS quickly
  • It has the power to create instant response
  • The response is very helpful to boost up your business
  • Cheap cost marketing communication

With BQ Connect, you can send SMS to renowned operators of Bangladesh.

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